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A suggestion for those who want something more

Indulge in various activities, some wild that will increase your heart rate and blur your view, some more relaxing - ones that will the time stop for a little while. Kobarid is an excellent starting point for cycling, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, paragliding, and many more. There are many choices, so we advise you to visit one of the sports agencies, where you will get all the necessary information.



You can choose the preferred level of difficulty, from leisurely walks and visits to various natural and cultural sights to more demanding mountaineering tours and mountaineering adventures.

If you are not quite sure which path to take, we can provide some helpful advice at the reception.



There is something for everyone, you can enjoy the beautiful roads of the lowlands or the steep slopes of the Julian Alps, high above Kobarid, where you will enjoy the magnificent views.

Fly Fishing – the Art of Seduction

The marble trout does not grant wishes, however, one is always fulfilled when you catch one – that of a fishing paradise. Soča, Nadiža, Učja, Tolminka, Bača, Kneža, Koritnica, Idrijca, Trebuščica. Crystal clear rivers on the sunny side of the Alps are a real paradise for fly fishing and for her as well. For marble trout.

The only allowed way of fishing is fly fishing. The fishing season in the Soča Valley begins in April and lasts until the beginning of November. For fly fishing, you need a fishing permit, which you can buy at the Hotel reception. If you are unfamiliar with the fishing area or do not have the equipment, we can help by directing you towards professional local fishing guides.


History and Culture 

Kobarid Museum is the central point when it comes to the presentation of the heritage of the Isonzo Front on the Slovenian, European, and even global level. Visit a museum, voted the best European museum in 1993, where you have the opportunity to get acquainted with all of the occurrences of the  12th Isonzo Front  Battle, known as the Miraculous Breakthrough at Kobarid.

You will be able to feel the weight of Hemingway’s words, used as the title of his novel, A Farewell to Arms. A history that is a reminder for us all.  After visiting the museum, you can also visit the Kobarid Historical Trail. 


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